The HellenicPROM ONE-STOP SHOP FOR PROPERTIES ensures a complete range of actions to deal with real estate matters, with the involvement of all the relevant professionals:  Engineers, Notaries, Lawyers, Tax Consultants, Financial Advisors, Incurance Advisors and also Real Estate Appraisers all cooperate in our efforts.

HellenicPROM • FileBank offers services to all OWNERS of REAL ESTATE PROPERTY in GREECE. HellenicPROM offers very useful services to ALL Greeks who live ABROAD or in GREECE and to ALL these who own property such as BUSINESSES, COMPANIES & ORGANIZATIONS in Greece.


We ask for TRUST; we gain it daily.

We aim for COOPERATION; we base it on a trustworthy and honest relationship.

The RESPECT of our Clients is our concern.


Since 1981, the experience of our Coordinator.

Specialized associates with many years of experience.

We can solve an extensive range of diverse problems.


Use of contemporary systems and software.

Even coordination of our materials and workforce.

Accurate, fast, and cost-effective handling of issues.